New Projects

In this section you will find our last innovative projects that we are presenting to the market


The new standard for branded in store promotions
Proteus is a smart reusable promotional display with integrated IoT technology which will increase ROI in terms of revenue, insights and efficiency for retailers and brands.

Maximize the sell-out at retail
Real-time campaign management tool – Create the ideal promo configuration – Act & react on sell-out % during the promotion

Easy to use
No more complex corrugate/cardboard structures, difficult mounting and risk of damages. The Proteus unit can be set-up in seconds and is strong, robust and durable.

Brand uniqueness at a lower cost
You only need a simple printed sleeve for your branding. This makes rebranding easy and even more affordable in the long run.

Reduce 85% of cardboard waste
By using Proteus you will retain value in a circular economy and stop the massive waste of corrugated in retail.

The new standard for branded promotions

Proteus is a smart reusable promotional display with integrated IoT technology. We promise to increase ROI in terms of revenue, insights and efficiency.<br/> Integrated IoT, Blockchain, Big Data & AI


Improve your sell-out and execution level based on real-time sell-out data.


Up to 85% cardboard savings by using a reusable standard display which fits more than 90% of a global productportofolio


Magnetic Display

The globally fastest pop up assembling display, fully made of cardboard and magnets.

This is the easiest and fastest display to be assemble in the point of sale, in few seconds the floor display unit is ready, strong and stable.

The carboard is 100% recyclable, simply remove the magnets before trashing int the paper bin.


Make your cans jump out.
The SMART BIN is a patented spring-display that makes sure your products are always presented on the right height. Enabling impulse sales.

The SMART BIN is a ground-breaking display solution that creates a unique merchandising impulse display solution within the retail environment. SMART BIN raises products right into the customer’s hand, while reducing just under 4 metres of shelving into a compact, tidy display unit that has fully interchangeable branding capabilities. Made from a highly durable stainless steel, SMART BIN uses a patent applied internal air-flow system™, an injection moulded top platform and a calibrated spring that allow for varied product weights. The small footprint allows for ease of location placement; the innovative design allows for effortless stocking and restocking; and the fully interchangeable branding capabilities allows for the ability to easily change brand or store campaigns making the SMART BIN one of the most innovative new retail display solution of 2018.